Threshold Home Staging Services

Threshold Staging & Design, inc. provides professional design direction regarding home improvements and full staging services to prepare for the market. Clients can choose from staging packages depending on the desired involvement or choose from a list of services allowing flexibility for the budget conscious.

CONSULTATION: This initial step determines the extent of the project, the clients expectations, budget considerations and professional direction to guide and involve the client throughout the design and staging process. Homeowners will be provided with:

  • written outline of design ideas for each room
  • merchandising ideas to target buyers and lifestyle
  • furniture layouts and detail drawings to execute ideas
  • discuss optional selections for hard surfaces (including paint, flooring, counter tops)
  • information on cleaning, organizing, and home repair

STAGING: This element optimizes the homes appeal through design and merchandising principles by creating value and a sense of urgency. A buyers first impression will influence their decision to act fast or allow them the confidence that they can afford to keep looking. Staging entails:

  • space planning by arranging furniture to define and create usable space
  • draw attention to architectural elements
  • establishing traffic patterns to guide buyers through the house
  • arrange art, bookshelves, counters and cabinets
  • accessorize to highlight focal points

LEASE ACCESSORIES & FURNITURE: Threshold has an inventory of art, plants, lamps and furniture to be leased. This allows the seller to achieve the desired level of design in the current home by adding elements of color, light and texture with minimum investment.

ORGANIZING/DE-CLUTTERING: By highlighting the space and not the homeowners belongings this process simplifies the home and allows potential buyers to visually move in. This service includes:

  • packing up unnecessary accessories, books, plants, art
  • organize and find creative solutions to hide necessities while on the market
  • de-personalizing

MATERIAL SELECTIONS: Before listing a house certain home improvements would increase the value of the property. Based on market value, budget, and buyer profile paint selections, hard surface materials and flooring can be determined.

  • selection and presentation of surface material
  • estimate cost of projects

PREPARE FOR MARKET & OPEN HOUSE: A final walk through to fine tune the home in preparation for the first showing.

  • educate home owner(s) daily tasks to maintain a staged home
  • evaluate each room through buyers eyes and adjust the space where needed
  • add flowers, eliminate odors, turn on lights, arrange accessories, etc.