Residential Interior Design

Improve Your Living Environment & Quality of Life!

Whatever your vision, having a plan will allow you to make confident choices that build a design foundation for years to come.

You can benefit from a designer's concepts and design choices. Implementing simple design elements to create and fill your home with unique ideas and furnishings.

Our consultation and design resources will enable you to have a clear and organized building or remodeling experience.

Interior Design Services:

  • Scope of work & design phase outline
  • Complete concept & design plan
  • Furniture placement & space planning
  • Kitchen, bathroom layouts & cabinet designs
  • Creating & designing dedicated organization, storage & work spaces
  • Fixture & finish selections
  • Color & paint concepts for interior & exterior
  • Furniture & fabric selections
  • Window treatment analysis & design
  • Accessory, floor coverings, art & lighting selections

Commercial Interior Design

Strengthen Company Identity & Improve Productivity

Our commercial design services are of the highest quality. We have a wealth of design and build experience spanning a wide variety of sectors and environments. Our designs are produced with input from the builders in order to maintain the integrity and practicality of designs from initial concept to final product.

Threshold Design is proud of our track record of completing projects on time and within budget, helping minimize inconvenience and costs. Our design services provide a return on your investment!

Threshold Interior Design & Home Staging Services

Professionally Staged Homes Sell Faster & For More Money!

According to the National Association of Realtors 2015 Survey:
  • Over 81% of buyers find it “easier to visualize the property as their future home” when it is staged
  • A staged home sells 67% faster than a vacant home and on average for 6% more than asking price.
  • The longer a home stays on the market, the further below list price it drops.
  • Almost a third (28%) of buyers are more willing to “overlook property faults” when the home is staged.
  • 71% of seller’s agents said that STAGING increases the dollar value.
  • 96% of buyers agents said that staging affects the way buyers view a property.
  • Over 70% of STAGED homes sell at or above list price.

Our Staging Services Include:

  • Home improvement evaluation
  • Color schemes
  • Furniture layout & space planning
  • Consultation (includes custom staging specs notebook)
  • Staging for furnished homes
  • Staging for vacant homes
  • Pre-purchase remodeling estimates
  • Lease options for furniture & accessories

Optimize Your Home's Appeal

We begin with a property consultation & provide expert advice based on our extensive experience

Our commitment to you is to provide the best possible market ready design for your property, at a realistic price, based on comparative real estate. Through our designs, furnishings and materials, our intent is to optimize your home's appeal and target your buyer.

  • Professional staging is the most effective way to optimize your home's appeal
  • Implementing merchandising techniques allows your home to stand out from other comparable homes
  • Creating value through visual appeal often leads to more deliberate, higher offers and faster sales

Refreshing Accessories, space planning, establishing focal points and highlighting architectural details are some elements that provide your home with a competitive edge.

Recent statistics have shown that a staged home sells in an average of 9 days vs 164 days for a home that is not staged. In addition, staged homes typically sell for a 7% premium over comparable non-staged homes. ( survey)